Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Manni is the name of our suite of retail in-store analytics services. It includes Manni Upsell, Manni Satisfy, and Manni Profile.

First, we install small devices in your retail store to gather data, typically located near points of sale. These devices then relay analytics which can be viewed by management via our online dashboard.

Absolutely! In fact, Manni is optimized to integrate the data across various locations simultaneously in order to provide actionable analytics for chain-wide decisions.

Manni works in real time, so you can access live data via your dashboard.


Typically a full installation of the Manni devices in a single location takes less than half an hour.

Yes, we offer all three Manni services simultaneously, or any subset.

Pricing is entirely case-dependent. Please contact our sales team at sales@manni.ai to get more information.


No. None of our devices store any information- audio or video. All analysis is done real time – just like a store manager.

No. Because it processes data from multiple microphones, It only “hears” what your employees are saying and does not listen to customers.

All data is confidential and can only be accessed by authorized individuals affiliated with the client.