Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Manni is a suite of data collection and analytics tools designed for CX monitoring and training. Think call-center recording and analytics brought in-store for the first time.

Data is collected through two in-store modules: Manni Rate and Manni Insights. Manni Rate utilizes survey tablets, assessing the customer perception of the interaction through rapid exit surveys. Manni Insights uses small devices to capture audio data of interactions at the nexus of customers and your frontline.

A lot. Drawing on data from thousands of interactions, Manni Insights provides a detailed profile of your CX quality, with a comprehensive assessment of core CX KPI’s along with any tailored CX objectives you would like to focus on.

We use a combination of AI-powered intonation and text analysis to understand and evaluate customer interactions.  There are a few key components of good customer service – use of the customer’s name, an enthusiastic greeting, a sincere closing, etc. – that we assess for all clients. Additionally, we work with clients to measure and train CX objectives that are unique to them – e.g. offering a drink or suggesting online banking. These campaigns are easily customizable in both purpose and schedule and are assessed using intent-based text classification.

Well, sort of. For each transaction, you get a scorecard of quality and a recording of the interaction, in much the same way as mystery shopping. But instead of a few transactions being assessed per year, you get thousands.

We provide a live, interactive dashboard that presents near-real-time CX data. Multi-channel data is integrated into what we call a single pane of glass, that is, a single location where all CX data, both from Manni as well as third-party sources, is consolidated into a single portal.

Manni Insights provides the granular data you need to manage your customer experience and train for outstanding service. Cross-location comparison and detailed CX scorecards help highlight excellence and isolate problem areas, allowing you to implement targeted training strategies that bring everyone to the level of the top performers.

Bricks-and-mortar stores that are serious about achieving outstanding customer service.

Training with Manni

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. And Manni Insights, for the first time, allows you to comprehensively assess your customer service quality across the metrics that you care about. The real-time big data we provide allows for a revolutionary training approach – one that is dynamic, informed, and targeted. Our AI-powered CX analysis provides the foundation for frictionless CX monitoring and continuous improvement coaching; optional recording archiving allows you to train with concrete examples.

Our philosophy is that Manni should be used as a carrot and not a stick. Use our data to reward top performers and recognize success, while coaching up those who have room for improvement. We designed Manni to be used not to punish failure but rather to catch employees in the act of excellence and to use that to set the tone for the rest of the team.

It’s up to you. We provide the optional service of storing audio recordings in a searchable database accessible through our dashboard. Most clients favor this option, finding the ability to search past recordings immensely beneficial for training and conflict resolution purposes. Alternatively, we can analyze recordings and delete them in near-real-time, negating the need to store such data.

Perfect. The Campaigns feature of Manni Insights allows you to define exactly what you want to measure, allowing for integration into the most tailored CX strategies.


Typically a full installation of the Manni devices in a single location takes less than half an hour.

No. Because it processes data from multiple microphones, It only “hears” what your employees are saying and does not listen to customers.

Largely case dependent, but almost uniforming less than traditional CX monitoring alternatives available today.


All data is confidential and can only be accessed by authorized individuals affiliated with the client. Audio data, if stored, is encrypted and stored in a highly secure location.