In our data-centric world, a one-size-fits-all approach to analytics rarely suffices. For businesses seeking accurate insights, especially within the fast-paced dynamics of retail points of sale or bank tellers, custom campaigns are the beacon of hope. They merge the potential of AI with on-ground conversation analytics, presenting tailored, actionable feedback that companies crave.

The Versatility of Your Tool in Various Business Settings

In an era of diverse business models and nuanced customer expectations, our tool shines by adapting its functionalities to suit different industries:

  1. Retail: For businesses, from luxury boutiques to supermarkets, it’s vital to decode customer preferences, identify upselling chances, and rate the service quality. Our system delves into conversational nuances, gauging employee engagement, product suggestions, and the overarching shopping experience.
  2. Banking: The structured ambience of banking demands a specialized set of metrics. Our tool zeroes in on customer-centric attributes like the utilization of the client’s name and the efficacy of cross-selling banking solutions.
  3. Service Industries: In arenas like beauty salons or automobile service centers, where repeat business is the lifeline, interactions hold paramount importance. Our system evaluates expressions of gratitude, resolution efficacy, and personalization of services.

Steps to Create a Custom Campaign

Creating a custom campaign with our tool is like painting on a canvas, where the artist’s vision comes to life:

  1. Define the Objective: Ascertain the primary goal, be it upselling in a retail context or efficient cross-selling in banking.
  2. Pinpoint Metrics: Post objective setting, pick metrics that align with the desired outcomes. This could be elementary metrics or more intricate ones pertinent to specific industry needs.
  3. Position the Tool: Station the listening instrument at pivotal interaction points, ensuring employees are acquainted with the campaign’s ethos.
  4. Real-Time Monitoring: Use the dashboard to draw live insights. The immediacy of this feedback can be pivotal for mid-course alterations if necessary.
  5. Analysis & Refinement: Once the campaign concludes, scrutinize the results. Gauge what worked, pinpoint improvement arenas, and employ these revelations for future campaign enhancements.

Benefits of Tailored Insights

In a marketplace crowded with generic analytics tools, custom campaigns stand out by delivering:

  • Precision: Instead of drowning in irrelevant data, businesses get laser-focused insights that matter.
  • Empowerment: Equip teams with actionable feedback, fostering a proactive approach to customer engagement.
  • Strategic Planning: With tailored insights, companies can strategize better, aligning their actions with real-time market dynamics.

Presenting Manni by Intelligent Demographics

The transformative might of custom campaigns is undoubtedly significant. But the essence of this transformation? It’s Manni. A brainchild of Intelligent Demographics, Manni transcends being a mere analytics tool to become an unparalleled solution designed to redefine customer interactions.

Manni’s prowess lies in its AI-driven modules that guarantee spot-on, instantaneous analysis of customer dialogues across a plethora of settings. With the added flexibility of customizing campaigns, businesses across sectors can leverage Manni’s capabilities to manifest palpable improvements.

The dashboard is a marvel of user-centric design, simplifying the vast expanse of analytics into digestible, actionable insights. From rank-ordering branches to incentivizing performance, Manni’s potential is boundless.


As businesses navigate the demanding terrains of customer engagement, the indispensability of tailored analytics shines through. Custom campaigns, empowered by trailblazers like Manni, offer the exact insights businesses pine for, right when they need them.

Dive into the next-gen analytics universe with Manni by Intelligent Demographics. Customized insights, unparalleled outcomes. Are you geared to propel your business to unprecedented summits? Connect with us now!