Grow Revenue

Use Manni Upsell to grow your retail revenue by 6-10% within weeks.

Satisfy Customers

Use Manni Satisfy to ensure every customer has the best experience possible.

Targeted Outreach

Use Manni Profile to target advertisements for your store.

Small Devices, Huge Impact

Place our easy to use devices in your retail store in less than a week to let Manni go to work.


Cloud Based



Real Time

Easy to Use

Manni Upsell | Easily Boost Revenue

Manni upsell relies upon a small device placed near your point of sale. Using patent pending technology, it listens to your sales associate as they talk customers through the sales process and gives quantifiable tips to managers and employees about how they can improve their upsell performance.

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Manni Satisfy | The CX Revolution

Using facial analysis of your customers, Manni Satisfy gives real-time feedback about how happy they are with their experience.

Dynamic Metrics:

Manni Satisfy works in real time.

Employee Detection:

Manni Satisfy lets you compare employee performance.

Online Dashboard

Managers can view data from multiple locations.

Anomaly Detection

Ensure customers get a consistently great experience.


Revenue Increase with Manni Upsell


Average complete installation time


Average Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Sell Sheets

Learn more by viewing our sell sheets for Manni Upsell, Manni Profile, and Manni Satisfy.

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