Data Collection

Capture audio data of interactions between customers and your frontline

AI Powered Analytics

Extract insights into the quality of CX across core and custom KPI’s

Single Pane of Glass

Visualize your CX reality through our live dashboard.

Small Devices, Huge Impact

Manni Insights provides you with an unparalleled profile of your customer service, with the detail you need to isolate problem areas and highlight excellence.


AI Powered



Real Time

Easy to Use

Cross-sell Campaigns | Easily Boost Revenue

Run and monitor customer cross-selling campaigns to drive sales. Compliance tracking, sales tips, gamification – Manni Insights provides the foundation of a whole new approach to in-store sales management.

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Manni Insights | Unlock Your CX Reality

Insights provide real-time, detailed feedback on in-store customer service quality.

Big Data:

Collect 20X more data than traditional surveys.


Real-time dashboard of CX feedback and transaction recordings.


Assess CX quality on metrics you care about.


Break down performance across specific KPI’s by individual transactions.


Improvement in Interaction Quality


Transactions QC'd per Location per Month


Increase in KPI Adherence and Campaign Compliance

A Case Study

Interaction data collected from three branches of a midwestern bank.

Learn how to make this data yours.

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